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Precision Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Tammy Penhollow, DO

Regenerative Medicine Specialist located in Scottsdale, AZ

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About The Practice

The mission of Tammy Penhollow, DO, and the team at Precision Regenerative Medicine, in Scottsdale, Arizona, is precision diagnosis through a consultation with a physician pain specialist with advanced musculoskeletal knowledge and advanced injection skills to provide personalized treatments to our patients.

They offer precision—in diagnosis, in orthobiologic selection, and in ultrasound or fluoroscopy-guided placement of the regenerative therapy at the correct target at the right time in our patient’s lives.

Precision Regenerative Medicine is a specialty clinic that offers orthobiologic cell therapy and regenerative aesthetic procedures. The team is passionate about optimizing patient outcomes to improve function and quality of life in our patients. They develop a personalized approach to each patient and can often combine musculoskeletal and skin or hair therapies at the same appointment.

At your appointment, Dr. Penhollow conducts a thorough history and review of imaging and medical records, and combines this with a detailed physical examination to create a personalized treatment plan to help our patients return to function and activities.

Targets include joints, muscles, tendons, and the spine (discs, joints, and the surrounding ligaments and muscles) for acute and chronic injury and chronic conditions such as arthritis. Additional regenerative therapies include microneedling with PRP for regeneration and collagen induction to treat skin conditions including wrinkles, scars, and hair thinning.

The practice also offers Emsculpt® for body sculpting, prehab and rehab.

To learn how regenerative medicine can help you achieve your health and wellness goals, call Precision Regenerative Medicine or book an appointment online today.

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What is Regenerative Medicine?



Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain can stem from acute sports injuries, often involving direct hits or rapid movements. Overuse injuries, caused by repetitive motions, can also lead to soft tissue tears. These are just some of the causes for knee pain, and we can treat many of them.

We offer treatments that can alleviate knee pain including PRP, Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) cell therapy, and prolotherapy.

Spine Pain Treatment

Spine pain often arises from soft tissue injuries during activities like sports or heavy lifting, leading to strains or ligament damage. Repetitive movements without adequate rest can cause overuse injuries and chronic issues. Aging contributes to degenerative changes, including facet joint arthritis, thickened ligaments, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease, potentially leading to pinched nerves and radiculopathy, causing pain or tingling in the arms or legs.

We offer treatments that can relieve your pain by reducing inflammation and actively healing the damaged tissues including PRP, Autologous Orthobiologics, and Prolotherapy.

Sports Injury Treatment

For sports injuries, seeking medical attention is crucial when experiencing acute issues like sprains, fractures, or dislocations, or persistent pain that doesn’t improve with rest. Precision Regenerative Medicine offers various personalized treatments for sports injuries, including joint injections, EmSculpt®, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), bone marrow therapy, prolotherapy, and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

A holistic approach is taken, with comprehensive exams to diagnose and evaluate injuries, tailoring treatment plans based on individual needs and lifestyle factors to promote recovery and prevent future injuries.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma or (PRP) is an injectable treatment containing concentrated platelets mixed with plasma. Both ingredients are naturally found in blood. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood, while platelets are cells that store highly specialized proteins called growth factors.When you receive PRP therapy, the platelets in your injection do the same thing, releasing growth factors that promote healing.

Bone Marrow Cell Therapy

Bone marrow cell therapy involves injecting concentrated growth factors, anti-inflammatory mediators, and progenitor bone marrow cells sourced from the patient’s own bone marrow at the site of damaged tissues.

This treatment aims to utilize the regenerative abilities of mesenchymal bone marrow cells (MSCs) to calm inflammation, promote healing, reduce pain, and improve overall function, with the quality of the therapy assessed by verifying the quantity and viability of the harvested cells.



EmSculpt, an FDA-approved body sculpting treatment, utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology to trigger rapid and intense muscle contractions, fostering muscle adaptation and growth.

Precision Regenerative Medicine employs EmSculpt for physical rehabilitation, enhancing core strength, stability, and muscle development in various areas, addressing acute or chronic injuries, pain, and surgeries, with results typically noticeable within a few weeks of treatment and optimal cosmetic outcomes seen around 8 weeks after the last session.

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