Experiencing Shoulder Pain? Consider PRP Therapy

When the simple act of raising your arm triggers burning or stabbing shoulder pain that medications can’t control, the regenerative therapies at Precision Regenerative Medicine may be the next worthwhile treatment to explore.

Regenerative medicine specialist Tammy Penhollow, DO, specializes in several regenerative therapies that use substances from your own body to enhance your natural healing abilities.

Dr. Penhollow has extensive experience using our own (autologous) cells in treatments like  platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to address the underlying cause of shoulder pain rather than just masking your symptoms.

Why you might have shoulder pain

Your shoulder is a complex joint that works best when the muscles, tendons, and bones are in working in fluid coordination motion and free of injury. The joint allows you to reach over your head and behind your back, throw a ball, and extend your arms out to your sides.

When any of your shoulder joint structures aren’t working properly, it can lead to limited movement and persistent pain. Overuse and injuries to your soft tissues or bone can result in pain that lasts for several weeks or even years.

You can also experience chronic shoulder pain that lasts six months or longer due to:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Fractures
  • Tendinitis
  • Tendon tears
  • Impingement
  • Instability and dislocation

These issues can develop because of direct trauma to your shoulder joint or repetitive movements required by your job or certain sports.

If you can’t manage ongoing shoulder pain with over-the-counter medications, rest, and physical therapy, you may be a candidate for platelet-rich plasma injections and the other regenerative therapies available at Precision Regenerative Medicine.

How PRP eases shoulder pain

PRP is a high concentration of platelets, growth factors and anti-inflammatory substances already found in your blood that are used to support healing. Image guided injections of a high quality PRP into your joint space and into and around the tendons, ligaments, and sometimes into the muscles and/or into the bones of the joint can create an environment that stimulates your body to heal those damaged by injury or disease.

The concentrated cell therapy seeks to reduce inflammation in the joint, muscles and tendons and can lead to improved function and decreased pain.   With time, and often the addition of structured personalized rehabilitation therapy, you may regain the range of motion in your joint.

While your results aren’t instantaneous because it takes time for your body’s own cells to work, you may experience a noticeable reduction in pain within 6-8 weeks of your initial treatment.  We reevaluate with physical exam, ultrasound exam, history and standardized pain and function assessments to determine the degree of improvement and what, if any, additional therapies are recommended.  

Additional benefits of PRP for shoulder pain

Because PRP addresses the root cause of your shoulder pain by targeting damaged tissue, you can expect your results to be long-lasting. You might also be able to reduce your dependence on opioids and other potentially addictive medications often necessary for treating chronic pain.

The pain relief you experience with PRP can also make engaging in physical therapy and daily exercises that help strengthen your shoulder muscles easier.  When the muscles supporting your shoulder joint are strong, you can significantly lower your risk for additional shoulder injuries, pain, and disability. 

Dr. Penhollow offers comprehensive health evaluations to identify the source of your shoulder pain and determine if PRP therapy is an option for you as part of a holistic treatment program.   We also offer topical and oral CBD products that provide pain relief and often recommend specific dietary supplements to optimize your health and make chronic pain a thing of the past.

Call Precision Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona, to schedule a consultation for shoulder pain or book an appointment online today.

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